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Plant A New Seed For 2024!
Based on minimalist sculpture, and traditional Japanese Zen values, I have created a piece based on my favorite principles of nature. Which is 'The Seed', or 'The Beginning of Life', in nature.

The shape is inspired by half of the Ying Yang symbol, or a Pea in a Pod, a Cocoon, and much comes from the original form, from my Baby In A Blanket Series in Bronze, my bronze work. 
Each piece is signed and numbered as an sculptural art piece. Includes is an 18' silver chain as well.
Each cast will vary slightly from marks in the individual casting and shading around the Seed,
I hand sculpt the piece in wax first, then casting in high quality sterling silver, employing a Lost Wax process. 
I created this pendant to be a symbol of hope, a sculptural form to wear, perhaps bring luck to anyone starting a new business, a baby shower, or a spiritual rebirth for the New Year.
During Covid I grew huge squash, kale, corn, and just laying the seed into the soil gave me such meaning that is profound. We were all infants once, embarking into life, we grow our souls, and become part of the cycle of life, which is the theme of my work. My love of gardening and farming my own food, constantly reminds me of how important the Seed is. How long does it take to grow? How long does it take humans to grow, haha. And how we nurture this seed. We of course need to pod to protect the see or baby, thus the blanket is important to my work as well, and other metaphors for the 'blanket'. This is my sculpted rendition of a Seed or Pea in it's pod..., a Baby or Bud, or a Cocoon, grown in nature's wonderous cycle. When we park our car, and look at the grass on the side, it's nature on it's own rejuvenation, which we totally ignore on our way to the mall. Left alone I think its beautiful how nature takes care of itself. It's only when we walk into a park or forest that we truly notice. I think we need to do this more often.
I hope you enjoy it. And that it brings you positive energy!
Below is my original Mother and Child, in cast bronze. And the baby in a basket or cocoon, which I have stylized into the piece above to wear.
My Shimeji Mushroom Pendant. Hand cast in silver. Mushrooms also contain seeds, or Mycelium.
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