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For this 2023 Holiday Season, I have hand sculpted and casted a special piece,  my Winter's Seed Pendant (Holiday or Christmas Babies), based from the Baby held in my Mother and Child Bronze Piece, which you can see on this website. My design aesthetics does come from Japanese and Scandinavian design in which is connected by minimalism, and the negative space. I throw in a bit of my love of Brancusi and the love of forms in nature such as the egg. This is a more stylized simple piece. In this piece however I did leave some rough areas which serve as sketch marks around the seeds head, to bring some texture and warmth and not be all too smooth, or it would look mechanical. From the side view, its meant to be one half of a pod.
I hand sculpted the piece in wax first, then casting in high quality pewter along with some silver for some polishing shine. This is the Lost Wax process in which I employed many times in my bronze casting. Each Seed can be worn, on a necklace which comes with the piece, or as a charm on a bracelet, or cell phone.
From growing up in a Buddhist home, I am also very much nature inspired. I love nature and growing vegetables, as you may see here. During Covid I grew huge squash, kale, corn, and just laying the seed into the soil gave me such meaning that is profound. We were all infants once, embarking into life, we grow our souls, and become part of the cycle of life, which is the theme of my work. I feel, that over the years, as I was adopted as a baby 'in a blanket' by the way, hahah, that life's beauty and meaning has been my observation as an artist.  This is my sculpted rendition of a Seed or Pea in it's pod..., a Baby or Bud, or a Cocoon, grown in nature's wonderous cycle. When we park our car, and look at the grass on the side, it's nature on it's own rejuvenation, and I think that's beautiful.
The pendant can be symbolic for lovers of nature, anyone starting a new business, new families, or a symbol a new seed of hope for winter, or a spiritual rebirth.
I hope you enjoy it. And that it brings you positive energy!
Below is my original Mother and Child, in cast bronze. And the baby in a basket or cocoon, which I have stylized into the piece above to wear.
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