Chantale Kreviazuk wearing Greta Constantine at Hotel Le Sulpice in Old Montreal. 2009
-    Lucian Matis, exclusively in Casa Loma. 2001
-    CTV Etalk’s, Tanya Kim, in Pink Tartan’s Parachute Dress, at the Hazelton Hotel, 2008
-    Sarah Carter, in TV’s Shark, in Lucian Matis, 2001
-    David Rocco, at the Hotel Le Germaine. 2006
-    6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Jayna Hefford, wearing David Dixon, at the Windsor arms Hotel 2007
-    David Dixon, at Klaus By Nienkamper. 2008
-    Izzy Camilleri’s IZ adaptable clothing line for women in wheelchairs.
-    Comrags, Special Cover, at The Brickworks
-    Arthur Mendonca at the Hotel Le Germaine. 2005
-    Lowan Pope, Vol. 10 Special Edition. 2010
-    Andy The-Ahn, at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, Penthouse Suite. 2005
-    Rudsak’s Evik Asotorian, Feature in Yorkville. Interview in Montreal Headquarters.
-    Vata Brazil, at the Yorkville Club, 2006
-    Turbine, by Lisa Drader Murphy, at Klaus by Neinkamper
-    Paul Hardy, photoshoot at the Design Exchange. 2004
-    Exclusive Art Gallery of Ontario Photoshoot Edtorial, Featuring D-Squared
Featuring a Rare & Unique Recording of The Collections & Galleries
And many more campaigns for designers in ceramics, furniture, jewellery design, bags etc.

Video Links:
ACF Magazine Or Special Interview Of, Chantal Kreviazuk: Below Link
Below Link: A Rich Archive Of Unique Interviews With Leading Canadian Designers & Cultural Icons From 2003-2011

Sample Editorial Photoshoot, Brand Strategy Curations For Story of Fashion@

-    Opera Singer Measha Bruggergosman, at the Ritz Hotel, wearing Call & Response.

-   Associate Concert Master, Violinist Lyn Kuo, for the Canadian Opera Company, 
National Ballet of Canada, at Joso’s Restaurant in Yorkville.

-    Freed & Freed, Faux Fur Line, at the Hazelton Hotel, 2020
-    Lucian Matis, Cover Feature Editorial for 2018.
-    Rockway Wineries Feature with David Stusiak, chief winemaker.
-    Lisa Drader Murphy, Queen of Maritimes Fashion, comes to TO

Created Programming & Educational Awareness For the AgO’s Collections
Conducted Historic and Educational Walk Through, Specific Lectures for the AgO Collection To groups Of 50 & up. Earthly Paradise: William Morris Collection
The Canadian Collection 
The Henry Moore Collection
The 60’s Pop Art, Minimallism Collection- Klaus Oldenberg Hamburger, Jim Dine etc.
Main Gallery Tours Personally Conducted 3 Times A Week.
Model Maker-  For Famous People Players  1991

Mother-Molds, Silicon Rubber Molds For Various Clients, Other Sculptors
Creating Cast Wax Pieces For Bronze Stage, With Vents & Gating
Cast Bronze & Metal Sculptures For Other Artists - Fabricating Their Clay Pieces Into Bronze 

Graduate: Ontario College Of Art:  A.O.C.A.
1989 -1992 Sculpture/Installation, Industrial Design, 
Focus on Foundry & Bronze Metal Casting with Art Lee & Harvey Townsend.
University Of Western Ontario 1985: Business School and Economics

The Passport To Prosperity, Employee Champion Award, for best Co-op, Internship Mentor for College and University Students, High School Students, given by the Ministry of Colleges & Universities.
Plaques of noted achievement, appreciation and thank-you letters by local high schools in the Mississauga Catholic School system, form years 1993 to 2005.

Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Level Photo Editing, Advanced In Adobe Indesign, Upscale Magazine Layout & Design    Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Studio, Advanced Video Editing  
Highly Experienced in DSLR Camera Usage, Lenses, Lighting Rigs, Strobes, The Poetry Of Light.       
Lighting & Capture One Phase One Backs. 120 Format Photography.
Darkroom Development – Latest Chemical Processing & Print Creation.

Taught Ceramic Arts, Potters Wheel, Metal Casting, Kiln Firing, Foundry, Silversmithing, Drawing, Painting, Jewellery Fab-rication, Life Sculpture, Clay Sculpting, architecture Maquette Making, Acrylic Resin Casting, Silicon Mold Making, Bronze Sculpture Casting & Patination Techniques, Clothing Pattern Drafting, Assembly, Sewing Techniques.
Taught,Mentored in Fashion Photography, Darkroom, Lighting, Fashion Photoshoot Concepts, Commercial Product Photography, Interior Design Photograohy, Studio Photography, Macro Photography
Team Leader, Director On Set, To Agency Models, Make Up Artists, Stylists, Photographers For 21 Years. 
Program & Curriculum Creation For Art & Design Courses In A Variety Of Skills & Disciplines

Specialist In Personal Portfolio Development
An Accomplished Mentor, Discovering Personal Identity & My Student’s Inner Signature. I Bring This Out!
Professional Photographer: Commercial, Industrial, Fashion Photography, Portrait, Art Photography, 
Journalist: Experienced In CP Rules, Style Guide, Lead My Team Of Journalists For 21 Years In Fashion/Life Journalism Editor in Chief For 21 Years, Worked With Many Journalists, Writers, Interviewed Canadian Celebrities & Designers. Lead & Mentored a Team Of University of Toronto Interns, For 21 Years. Helping Them With New Vision & Skills Marketing, Advertising Demographic Expertise, Especially In The Canadian Demographic Landscape.
Very Astute In Media Reach, Metrics, Advertising Efficiency & Results. New Methods Of Reach.
Advertising Plan, Campaign Implementation.

Retail Newsstand Magazine Experience of 23 Years, Indigo/Chapters, Whole Foods, National Newsstands, Great Canadian News. Become A Vangard Of The Print Medium & It’s Benefits.
Leadership: As Publisher, Editor In Chief, Creative Director, To A Team Of Over 70 Staff, Journalists, MUA’s, 
Photographers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Models, Stylists, Social Media Professionals.
Arts Skills: Lost Wax Casting Process With Ceramic Shell Casting, Silicon Rubber Mold Making, Sand Casting, Plastics, Resin Casting & Forming. Metalsmith, Swordsmith.
Foundry, Mold Making and Metal Fabrication, Jewellery Fabrication, Garment Assembly, Dressmaking, Fashion Design, Illustration, Painting & Drawing, Marker Rendering

Japanese. Cantonese Chinese, Some Mandarin, French. Very Proficient in the English Language And Creative Writing
Hand Cast Solid Silver Dragon Broach With Ruby-Gem Eyes - Hand Sculpted, Cast And Custom Fabricated
For Client - Actor David Carradine (from films: Kill Bill, Kung Fu)
Portraiture - Bust of Mrs. Reynolds: Client - Mr. Kelvin Reynolds (BMO Executive) Etobicoke, ON: gypsum
Bust Portraiture of Frank Scheybal - Sculpture For Client - Mrs. Vlasta Scheybal, Toronto, ON, University Of Toronto
14”  Bronze Sculpture - Famous People Players Signature Character
Client - Diane Dupuy  - Famous People Players , Toronto, ON
12”  Ceramic Tooth sculpture
Client - Dr. Tedjo (dentist)
48” Sculpture,  Hand Cast Yellow, Transparent Acrylic Resin, Christ On Cross Alter Piece. Client - 
Carmelite Monastery, Markham, ON
18” High  80 Hand Cast Dragon’s from a handmade sculpture. Bar Mitzvah Centre Pieces, Client - Steven Temple, for his Bar Mitzvah For The Temple Family, individually hand cast gypsum sculpture centre pieces, cast from a specially made rubber mold. This was for Steven, who was one of my most dearest art students when he was a kid. We had many great times together.      

Heart & Stroke Foundation Gala, Candle Light Centre Piece
120, 8” Peacock Candle Pieces, Designed, Molded & Hand-cast Individually in gypsum with lighting gels as feathers. Cast numerous pieces in Bronze and silver for other professional artists.
Created intricate molds in silicon rubber, fiberglass and hydrocal for professional clients and other artists.


OCAD Governing Council 1991-92
OCAD Alumni Council 1993-2002
OCAD Alumni Council Treasurer 1997-2002
*Chaired & Founded: OCAD’s First Professional Development & Mentoring Committee, Titled, Beyond OCAD. To Bring Accomplished Alumni Back To OCAD To Bridge Graduates To Career Success. - Peer To Peer Mentoring

Harbour Gallery: Bronzes 1994
Toronto City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square
Bronze Peace Sculpture, 1990
AWOL Gallery 2007 - Square Foot
Living Lighting, Illuminated Art Competition 2010
Work In Private Collections
9” Bronze Sculpture (Warrior)
Mr. Doug King  (Kings Monuments)


2014- Survived 5 Heart Attacks, With 6 Stents. (from stress of the publishing industry)
Experienced In Marine & Freshwater Aquariums
Teaching Myself To Play Acoustic Guitar And Bass
Perusing, Ongoing Training For Pilot's License
Currently, I Play Saxophone and Flute.
Solo Performance – Flute -1985 in High School.
Wolfgang. Amadeus Mozart - Concerto For Flute & Harp in C Major- K299 
Performed ‘Flying Free’ - Remembrance Day Solo With Choir For A
3000 Plus Auditorium. Spoke to Canadian Veterans of WWII After. One Vet Came Up To Shake My Hand.
It Was One Of The Most Touching Experiences Of My Life
A Few In The Audience Came Up To Also Speak To Me In What Normally Ends In Silence .
Section Leader - Flute, Sax, Orchestra
Formed & Conducted The Grade 13 Orchestra

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