Hikaru Kiyonaga is a Japanese-Canadian artist, specializing in bronze sculpture, mold making and traditional foundry casting techniques. He is an alumni of the Ontario College of Art, studying under the teaching of Art Lee and Harvey Townsend, including Ian Carr-Harris in Sculpture Installation, and Vello Hubo in Industrial Design. His work is the melding of the three areas, from fine art to the cerebral, to the world of design. He employs his bronze mediums along with natural wood pieces to narrate the millenia of evolution of humankind, from our nature-centric lifestyles, to the current relationship we have with nature today. He traces the ambitions of human evolution away from nature into concrete laden city states and glass homes, creating various environmental issues, yet to show the strong need for humans to need our existence. Mr. Kiyonaga currently is based in Toronto, and is also a Canadian magazine publisher, professional photographer and carries an extensive resume in teaching art and craft for the past 25 years.
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